Design4Change teams are given free access to InVision’s latest software: V7

What's new in V7

Through Design4Change, nonprofits focused on one or more of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG Goals) will be partnered with exceptional designers on the ADP List who are donating their skills to move organizations’ impact work forward.

Thanks to our partnership with InVision, Design4Change teams will have free access to InVision’s new Cloud platform, V7, which allows teams to build products faster and with more consistency, whether it’s new branding, a refreshed website, or other projects.

The tools provided include Freehand, Cloud, Specs, Craft, and Inspect; improved search within Spaces; and a front-row view to the innovation that InVision is bringing to its millions of users this year. 

InVision is on a mission to bring design-driven innovation to every organization, and since Design4Change is an initiative specifically targeted to help non-profits make lasting impact through their work with the help of design, we’re very excited to be partnering together. 

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What's new in V7

Freehand templates by some of the world’s leading enterprise organizations: AWS, Atlassian, XBox and more. Learn more. 

Update designs faster in prototypes: Drag and drop new images into the thumbnail bar to replace a screen or add a new one in Play, Build, or Comment modes. Learn more.

Smart Links with Atlassian: Copy and paste InVision links into your favorite Atlassian tools so teams can collaborate in context. This new, streamlined integration works with Jira Software and Confluence Cloud, and we now also support Jira Service Desk.

New public share link settings: When sharing with public links, you can now hide the InVision UI for demos and user tests. Learn more.

Once Design4Change non-profit applications and ADP List teams are paired, an InVision representative will set up a new instance and approve all team members for easy collaboration. 

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