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Planting Change Foundation
Goal no. 6 — Clean water and sanitation
SDG Goal
Goal no. 6 — Clean water and sanitation
Goal no. 6 — Clean water and sanitation
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Goal no. 6 — Clean water and sanitation
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We need to improve our web site, one that is much more attractive, interactive and accessible from any device, by the end of June 2021. We have two problems: the menu and button on our website is very basic, and our content cannot be fully appreciated when we access from different devices, especially cell phones and tablets. It would be great to have your advice and help to solve this problem in the last week of June, 2021.

Planting Change Foundation

We created the Planting Change Foundation in Nicaragua at the beginning of 2019, with the aim of designing and executing projects focused on the current situation of many communities. The projects that we are implementing are designed from a realistic perspective that integrates local opinions. We have many lines of work but what we stand out is education for young people in rural areas of the country and access and governance of water from sustainability and respect for natural elements.

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Edith Rodríguez

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