Design custom digital graphics of a chess board, pieces, and potentially a mascot for digital materials

Chess in the Schools
Goal no. 4 — Quality education
SDG Goal
Goal no. 4 — Quality education
Goal no. 4 — Quality education
Location of organization
New York, USA
Goal no. 4 — Quality education
Project Duration

Project Scope

We want to create an online, self-paced chess curriculum that is designed to be easily accessible and approachable for elementary school children. The custom design elements of the chess board, pieces, and potentially even a mascot will make our online class more appealing to kids. We aim to offer the online course mid-summer. Ideally, the digital graphics will be ready to use by June 1st.

Chess in the Schools

Chess in the Schools fosters the intellectual and social development of low-income youth through chess education. Chess builds strategic and critical thinking skills, problem-solving, patience, concentration, and sportsmanship. Annually, we teach chess during the school day and after school in 40+ Title I NYC public schools, reaching 6,000 children in low-income communities. All of our services, including chess tournaments, are 100% free to all participants.

Organization contact person
Debbie Eastburn

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