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Beat the Streets Wrestling
Goal no. 3 — Good health and well-being
SDG Goal
Goal no. 3 — Good health and well-being
Goal no. 3 — Good health and well-being
Location of organization
New York, USA
Goal no. 3 — Good health and well-being
Project Duration

Project Scope

We are committed to impacting NYC's youth by providing our boys and girls with skills learned on the wrestling mat such as hard work, dedication and how to persevere through life's obstacles as they strive to reach their goals. We will use the pitch deck to share our story and the impact we are making on the community while also having it serve as a fundraising tool for us

Beat the Streets Wrestling

The mission of Beat the Streets is to develop the full human and athletic potential of urban youth and to strengthen the wrestling culture within New York City. Beat the Streets aims to make a Lifelong Impact on New York City student-athletes through the benefits and skills acquired by participating in amateur wrestling. We believe that the sport of wrestling fosters an uncommon combination of character traits that leads to enhanced social and personal development, and ultimately to better life outcomes, in the youth we serve.

Organization contact person
Brendan Buckley

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