We help to champion creative solutions to change lives, by turning ideas into action.

Every solution starts small, and at the moment, many of ours are. But we’re relentless optimists. Together with InVision, we are helping to improve lives, build stronger communities and brighter futures.

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Getting started with a project

SDG Goals

Your project should solve at least one of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG Goals). We are determined to contributing to the greater good of humanity.

Not for profit

Design4Change initiative is targeted towards non-profit or charity programmes and organizations. Before your project is accepted, we make sure it doesn't serve commercials needs.

Project scope

Volunteers work on projects on pro-bono basis. Hence, we are mindful about the scope of projects. The maximum dedication time for a single project is 3 weeks (2-4 hours a day).
Types of projects in scope:
Logo Design
Brand Design (Identity and Social Media Assets)
Posters and Banner Design (and other publications)
Illustration Design (2D+3D)
UI Design/Overhaul (Website and Mobile Apps)
Motion Graphics

For everyone

Design4Change is open to anyone who wants to make an impact. We give higher priority to projects associated with an organization, but individuals with community focused ideas can start projects.

NB: Organizations that complete projects are required to write a report.

Ready to make a difference?

If your organization and project meet the above mentioned criteria, we are happy to see what you are up to and connect you with volunteers.

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