How Stimuluz technologies helped the Pearl Safe Haven to revamp their website

The Pearl Safe Haven
January 20, 2021
The Pearl Safe Haven

About the Pearl Safe Haven

The Pearl Safe Haven is a Ghanaian registered NGO that operates an emergency shelter for survivors of sexual and gender-based violence in Ghana. We work closely with governmental agencies such as the Domestic Violence Secretariat and the Department of Social Welfare both of the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection and the Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit of the Ghana Police Service, to provide support to survivors. We provide shelter, medical and legal services as well as some training. We have supported survivors to find shelter, provided them with capital to start/continue a small business. The Pearl also aims to educate women on their rights under the laws of Ghana and also to empower them to be self-sufficient.

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Partnership with Stimuluz

Stimuluz became the official technology solutions partner of the Pearl Safe Haven in Q3 of 2018. Mr James Baduor and his team have been phenomenal in providing us with the best technology based solutions to enable us reach a larger audience. The support provided by the Stimulz team includes:

  1. Building (and recently upgrading) the website. Our website is user-friendly and resourceful. The website also serves to show the general public the work we have been doing, how far we have come, the support we continuously receive from our partners and provides a platform to get more support.
  2. Providing graphics support. The Stimuluz graphics team have provided support in creating beautiful graphics for our social media and our online advocacy work.
  3. Supervising the development of our mobile application. The Pearl Safe Haven has developed a mobile application, the Safe Place, which provides a direct line to support services as well as curated information and tools for women and children facing sexual harassment and sexual and domestic violence. The app also enables women to share their survival stories. Mr Baduor was critical is supervising the app developers (Capsella) and helping with the overall look, feel and functionality of the app. Mr Baduor provided the Pearl with invaluable advice with regards to the best features and functionalities for the app.
  4. Integrating payment platforms. To support the work of The Pearl Safe Haven, the Stimuluz team have been instrumental in identifying and integrating the best web based donations platforms to enable us receive donations through our website.
  5. General tech support- Mr Baduor sits on the Pearl Safe Haven’s management team as our head of IT and provides general tech support to the team.

Our experience

The Simuluz team is resourceful and reliable, they have supported our team with our growth on social media by consistently providing great visual content. Mr Baduor is an effective leader who holds his team accountable and having him on our management team has significant improved our ability to deliver on projects. He is very focused on the charitable work that we are undertaking and is always ready to provide support to ensure that we meet the needs of our primary clients: survivors of gender- based violence. Working with Mr Baduor and Stimuluz team has been a great experience, they are innovative and quick to provide multiple solutions to our needs.

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